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Exploring the World of Bible Translation

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It’s been said that people don’t want to know:
1) how sausages are made,
2) how bibles are translated.
But in this podcast we bravely talk about the surprising world of Bible translation. We also go deep into biblical studies, and seek to treasure and understand the Word together. It’s for people who want to get nerdy about Scripture and for those who want to understand how their translations came to be. We tackle everything from history to Hebrew, as we endeavor to learn more and make beautiful translations of God’s Word. We believe the Bible is a unified, God-breathed, God-centered, hope-giving book, sweeter than honey, and pointing to Jesus.

Welcome to the wonderful, wild world of Bible translation! The average Christian has no idea how it works today. Most arguments over translations happen out of ignorance. It's time for everyone in the Church to understand the most basic things about how their Bible was translated, and how they can help others get the Bible in their language.